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My First Week of School 

By: Ellie Vanhille (Grade:4)

The first week of school was fantastic! My teacher, Mr. Paine, is a wonderful teacher because he's enthusiastic about learning and he makes learning fun. On Tuesday, after school, I broke my wrist.  When I got to school the next day, Mr. Paine and Ms. Mooney (my switch) wrote for me for the things I had to get done (I broke my right wrist). I'm excited for school this year!


My First Week of School 
By: Arshi Mahajan (Grade: 5)  

 As soon as I stepped into Davis Drive Elementary School I knew things would be different. Fifth graders can do a whole lot of other things that kindergarten through fourth graders can't. For example: join lots of different clubs, get first grade buddies, etc. Plus, we're the role models of the school.  


When I entered Davis Drive, I took a deep breath and squared my shoulders. Inside of me it was utter pandemonium. A thousand emotions were swirling through me. I was scared yet excited. I was I stepped into my classroom and was relieved to see a few familiar faces from last year.  


"Well, here I go!" I said under my breath. This year is going to be different then all the rest, and I'm ready. Bring it on!

My Summer Bucket List
By: Sam Hanson (Grade: 2)

This summer we did lots of fun things on our summer bucket list.  We went lots of places.  

I liked it when we visited the World of Coca-Cola in Atlanta. My favorite part was when I got to try all of the flavors of soda and when I got my own bottle of Coca-Cola.  

We also visited the aquarium in Atlanta.  We saw fish, dolphins and Beluga whales. I liked all of it.  It was funny when the Beluga whales would blow bubbles and chase them in the water.  

I would love to go to Atlanta again. 

My Amazing Summer
By: Sanvi Sirigineedi (Grade 5)
School is out and summer is here!  My family and I did many things together. I went to camps, the pool and to Amazing Alaska. Alaska was very interesting. I also loved when I went to my camps and the neighborhood pool because I went there with my friends. I had fun almost every second this summer. Read on if you want to read my summer adventure.
The first part of summer started with Alaska, the last frontier.  My family and I went to Alaska with family friends from Oregon. In Alaska we rented a SUV and drove to Anchorage, Fairbanks, Seward, Valdez, Whittier, Kenai fjords and Denali National Park. We saw wildlife, historical sites, mountains and beautiful glaciers. I did many different things in each place I went. My personal favorite was Kenai fjords because of the wild life I saw there.  We went to gold mining, shopping, and hiking. When we went gold mining, we went on a tour and learned about a pipe called the Alyeska pipe line, gold mining in the early 1900’s, and how mine with a pan and water. We got to find gold too! My other favorite was glacier hiking in Valdez, the ice museum in Fairbanks, the kids section in a museum, located in Anchorage. The Alaska trip was awesome.
Summer camps are fun as I get to spend time with my friends. I went to Davis Drive and Cedar Fork. At Camp Cedar Fork I met new friends named Victoria, Anshika, and Natalie. I first met them on Monday when we went on a field trip to a place called Zpizza and made our own pizza. We talked and joked around while making the pizza. They were really nice to me. They helped me and always grouped up with me for an assignment. The second camp was Davis Drive Camp. I had so much fun here as well, because I spent it with friends that I don’t spend time with at school. I loved the places we went to when I was there. My favorite part was when the scientist, named Scientist Kay, came and we got to learn about the insects. I really like when I got to hold the tarantula and let it walk over my hand. I also met a new friend, named Lily. She was very nice, funny, and fun. The pool we went to was Lifetime fitness we went to was awesome with water slides! I liked the movies here, because most of the movies are my favorites.
Free Time
After camp, I had a lot of time on my hands one of my favorite things to do is play with my friends in neighborhood. We liked to go to the pool and go to our secret hide out. I also watched a lot of movies with my brother, movies like Minions and Big Hero 6. I also had a sleepover with friends. Though I love to do all these things, best enjoyment for me is to do is read. I love to read the series written by Rick Riordan ever since Mr. Paine recommended it to me.  That is what I do in free time!
This summer for me has been exciting! I had so much fun. As I said, Alaska is interesting, the camps were awesome, and my free time was fun. To me, summer has been an adventure. This summer was one of the best summers ever!

Thank you!

Luke Porto (Grade 1)
Sara Eck (Grade 2
Jack Eck (Grade 1)

My Summer Trip
By: Arshi Mahajan (Grade 5)

''Finally the car ride is over!" I thought as I stepped out of the car and onto the busy streets of our nation's capital.  My relative from India, my family, and I were going on a road trip to Washington D.C., New York, and Pennsylvania. Immediately, we walked to the closest memorial and sat down near it. It was the Washington Memorial. Over there, I observed that about halfway up the monument the bricks changed color, from a light brownish-grayish color to a darker one. A tour guide told me the color change was because after building half of it, they left the project. One president got tired of looking at a half-finished monument from his window. He said it either had to be demolished or finished. The workers decided to finish it, but the bricks they used were not the right color. Next, we went to the World War II Memorial. Each state and territory that the U.S.A. owns had their own pillar with their name engraved upon it. My sister and I took a picture with two states in which we have lived in: North Carolina and Massachusetts. There was one part of the exhibit which had a cluster of people around it. As I came closer to that part, I felt the mood change. From happy and giggly, to sad and a sense of loss. When I read the sign, I felt my heart drop. There was a small fountain there and along the walls there were stars. Each star represented two thousand soldiers who had died during World War II. 405,399 soldiers (just from U.S.) died. After the WWII Memorial, we walked to the Lincoln Memorial. We walked a lot. First, we walked along a vast stretch of land. Then, climbed up a gazillion steps. Lastly, we made our way through the crowd, just to get a good look at the statue. It is said that the sculptor who created the Lincoln Memorial sculpted Robert E. Lee (general of the Confederates during the Civil War) on the back of Lincoln's head.  My sister and I craned our necks, and we're pretty sure the shape of a face is there! But it's covered up by Lincoln's hair, so we can't be sure. After that, we went to a tour on Capitol Hill. I learned, that the congress debates and makes ideas, there is a crucial point the builders forgot? They don't use that room anymore because of that fatal flaw. The funny thing is, while I was in that room, I realized that you can hear someone perfectly if they're far away, but if they're right next to you, you can't hear them at all! Also, they have a National Statue room. Each state is allowed to give two statues of a famous person born in that state (the famous person already has to have passed away).  The National Statue room doesn't have all of the statues inside of it though. Imagine if a hundred statues were in one room! But at one point in time, Congress made that very same mistake. The weight of the statues actually caused the floor to sink downwards. They soon repaired the floor and had a few statues moved out of it.

After that, we got in the car ready to drive to New York. When we reached, (which took a while) we booked into our hotel and slept. In the morning, we went to the Twin Tower Memorials. There were two memorials. Each one in the position that the Twin Towers were before.  Later we went to the magnificent Statue of Liberty! We spent a long time there, and when we got off there was no time left to go to Ellis Island since they were closing down for the day. On Ellis Island there is a museum about the immigrants who came to America for a better life. After that, we slept and next morning, set off for Pennsylvania.

When we reached, we took a tour of Independence Hall. There was only one actual thing from when they signed the declaration! It was a chair with a rising sun on it. Benjamin Franklin was never sure whether it was a rising or setting sun, but later in his life he found out that it was a rising sun since America is still progressing. Later, we went to a museum about Benjamin Franklin. Once Benjamin went James Adams' house and was staying there for the night. James opened the window, and Benjamin closed it. "Why did you close the window?" James asked. "I believe you're not familiar with my theory of colds," Benjamin answered. Then Benjamin droned on and on about his theory lulling James into his sleep! Our trip was finally drawing to an end. The five of us climbed into the car ready to go home. When we reached, I thought about all of the places we went. Sure they were fun, but I agree with the saying. Home sweet home! 

Summer 2015 - My India Trip 
By: Ananya Chatterjee (Grade 4)