DDE PTA is dedicated to supporting our teachers and staff. So it’s no surprise that the Staff Appreciation Committee plays a critical role in making our teachers/staff feel loved! We organize monthly birthday recognition treats, monthly food events and the all-important Teacher Appreciation Week festivities. From the feedback we receive, our teachers and staff greatly APPRECIATE the efforts we put forth in APPRECIATING them! ;) 

Here is the list of events planned for the 2015-2016 school year (dates are subject to change based on weather related closures/delays):

  •  Aug 21 = Staff Meeting/ Lunch Sponsored by Jersey Mike's Subs
  • Sept 29 = 
  • Oct 20= 
  • Nov 8 = Chili Luncheon    
  • Dec 21= 
  • Jan 10 =  
  • Feb 9=
  • March 2 = 
  • April 23 - 27 = Teacher Appreciation Week (Catered Luncheon ) 
  • May  25= 
  • June 8 = End of Year Catered Luncheon

If you are interested in joining the Staff Appreciation Committee, please contact Lauren Donovan. The committee members simply plan and organize the list of events above. It’s a pretty easy job and we have fun working as a team!

 ** PLEASE NOTE: You do not have to signup to the committee in order to signup for donations. Please know that your donations are critical to the success of each event and we thank you for your support!**