After about four and a half months the Davis Drive Elementary School Odyssey of the Minds teams presented their skits in the NCOME Tournaments, K - 2nd grade on February 18th and the 3rd - 5th grade on March 4th.  Both days were filled with excitement and much anticipation on how the teams would do!


For the 2016 – 2017 school year, DDE had four K -2nd grade teams and seven 3rd – 5th grade teams competing. The K – 2nd grade teams are given a chance to perform without the pressure of actually competing against each other.  The 3rd – 5th and higher grade levels compete to see which 1st and 2nd place teams would advance to the NCOM State Tournament in April.  The teams that place in the State Tournament will then be given a chance to compete in the World Tournament in Michigan in May. 


Davis Drive Elementary had two 3rd – 5th grade teams recognized for their performances. 

Blazing Team – Problem 1 Catch Us If You Can were recognized for placing 3rd

The Superheros – Problem 5 To Be Continued: A Superhero Cliffhanger were also recognized for placing 3rd.



Blazing Team                      The Superheros 

Carolyn Dipu                         Tara Gugnani

Tristan Joseph                       Ezabel Dipu   

Shruthikaa RaviSankar         Tom Fatal  

Anoohya Prabhala                 Anika Vaidya   

Rafik Khismatov                     Ben Halfon 

Sarah Narula                         Olivia Hankinson 

Co -Coach: Gayatri                Co-Coach:Arati

Co- Coach: Chulpan              Co-Coach: Sandy


Congratulations to ALL the teams for their team work, creativity, sportsmanship, and time commitment to their team!  Thank you to ALL the coaches/co-coaches for your planning and dedication to the teams during the four and a half months during the 2016 – 2017 school year.  Thank you to ALL the parents for your time, effort, and support of your child's team and the Odyssey of the Mind program!  Finally, thank you to Mr. Mack, our DDE principal, for all his support of the program!  Without his support the program would not be apart of our lives at DDE!


Enjoy the rest of your 2016 – 2017 school year!  Looking forward to the 2017 - 2018 Odyssey of the Mind program at Davis Drive Elementary in September!  If you would like to keep your child involved, continue to practice Spontaneous problems with them. Visit the ncome.org website for types of problems/questions.  If your child is given assignment at school,  ask questions to encourage independent thinking.  Having trouble coming up with solutions to a problem your child might have, brainstorm ideas with your child and have him/her come up with his/her own solution.